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Of immediate concern is the land occupied by the Gulf Harbour golf course. It is currently zoned Open Space – Sport and Recreation with a 999 year Encumbrance that prevents development of the land and furthermore requires the land to be retained as a golf course.

However, the Gulf Harbour golf course was sold to a property developer in 2021, and KWGS is concerned the new owner may have plans to develop the land for housing and other purposes. 

The Council, as the Encumbrancee, must ensure the wider communitys interests are protected by upholding the Encumbrance and preserving this land as Open Space. KWGS has received assurances from Council that it will consult with the wider community prior to any decision to vary or set aside the Encumbrance. Ultimately, KWGS wants Council to preserve this significant Open Space zoned land. 

The Whangaparaoa Peninsula must retain its Open Space Zones for the amenity, recreation and enjoyment of this unique environment.

Join with us to oppose any plans that will threaten important Open Space Zones on the Peninsula. 

KWGS fully supports Hibiscus Coast and Whangaparaoa opposition to the Governments medium density housing mandates. However, our concern, while this fight is going on, is Council may well take opportunities to re-zone Open Space zoned land on the Peninsula. 

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The government's housing intensification program would have disastrous effects to all Whangaparaoa's communities. However, Council exempted Hibiscus Coast on infrastructure grounds as Qualifying Matters.

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