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"There is strength in numbers, yes, but even more so in collective goodwill. For those endeavours are supported by mighty forces unseen." Richelle Goodrich

There are over 30,000 people currently living on Whangaparaoa and it's still growing. All of us have a stake in our environment and its infrastructure. The roading network is already under pressure, the sewerage and stormwater systems are at full capacity and there are no funds available from Council to extend the infrastructure. Government has no plans to fund any expansion.

Auckland Council has showed that it doesn't heed the concerns of ratepayers and citizens, even though it offers opportunities to have our say. The votes of the Council on the mayors budget that ignored the submissions is a clear indication that the majority of councillors did not vote for the wishes of their communities. We are fortunate that two of our local Board voted against the budget but it wasn't enough to halt the wasteful spending set out in the budget.

The Whangaparaoa community needs to clearly signal that it is unhappy about the arbitrary selling of green space zones without recognising that these zones are valuable recreational areas that are well-used.

The Executive is looking for Coasties who have expertise in graphic design, digital marketing, technology, and membership campaigning and have time to assist with our goals of building a strong advocacy for green spaces on the Peninsula. 

If you can help please contact the Secretary or Treasurer by clicking on one of the links below.

Join us to preserve what we have:
Keep Whangaparaoa's Green Spaces Inc is a non-profit organisation 


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