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Traffic Congestion

Presently there are around 3000 properties in Gulf Harbour and Army Bay with over 350 further vacant Residential zoned sites ready to be built on today. In addition, there are other large, as yet undeveloped, blocks in Gulf Harbour already zoned Residential that will inevitably be developed for housing in the future. We estimate that when fully developed within the current Unitary Plan zoning, traffic congestion from the Eastern Peninsula will increase by some 40% over today’ s already busy levels. There is only one road in and out of the Eastern Peninsula and further development over and above that consented will exacerbate the current chronic congestion. As of today, traffic jams and tailbacks regularly occur at Little Manly, Whangaparaoa township and the length of the Peninsula. The traffic congestion at this end of the Peninsula will not be alleviated even if or when the Penlink connection to State Highway One is completed.

Open space zones are critical for preserving our natural environment and road congestion's a problem that will only get worse. We need the whole community to get behind us as we pressure Council to protect and enhance this precious coastal  area.

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